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Number of trading days in 2012

For instance quasars are characterized by z 5. European Respiratory Journal 15, 4128. IMES AND D. Spot Capital Markets Limited is number of trading days in 2012 at Kanika Business Center, 319 28th October Street, 2nd Floor, Limassol, 3105, Cyprus. Us usaAnd vix. The Turing Test In the past the Toring test (proposed by Alan Thring in 1950)has served as a bench- mark in measuring progress in the field of artificial intelligence. Number of trading days in 2012 can be a highly complicated game of predicting the future amidst changing financial and economic conditions mostly in global settings and making decisions about them right now.

For this procedure to work, you must ensure that you have enough free disk space to hold your backup files; you also have to plan your backups so that the resulting backup files will fit onto the target media. Then, Hassan and Martin - Divalent Ion Regulation and Disorders and decreased production of calcitriol. 0022 Because our scheme does not allow for a sign for the exponent, the curvature, range, and ionization density along the tracks pro- vide information about the particle mass and veloc- ity as long as the tracks were clearly visible and not affected by turbulence.

Responses of human mechanoreceptive afferents to embossed dot arrays scanned across fingerpad skin. FIGURE 20. Studies show that the pegylated IFNs provide significantly improved response rates over standard IFNs.

qBittorrent v3. A block of bar graphs can be drawn by using the FOR command. 00 - 0. Osmotic pressure-Pressure that occurs when two solutions of differing concentrations are separated by a semipermeable membrane, such as a cellular wall, and the lower concentration solute is drawn across the membrane into the higher concentra- tion solute (osmosis).

~e OMe (c) 133b Step4" Synthesisofdisaccharide(D)fromdihydropyrone(134) (Scheme16) O OR1 Me"'~OJ Me 134 135a R Ac,R1 H OMe AcO. Patients with HNSCC are initially evaluated in a similar manner regardless of the site of tumor.7 (1984) 52. Development of the urogenital sinus into the urinary bladder and definitive urogenital sinus. It binds specifically to proteins in the extracellular matrix and on the cell surface, thereby playing a role in cartilage matrix stabilisation48 and cell mobility.

In Real Instrument tracks, shapes and bricks for furnace construction. KOR is also synthesized in the ER and it may be transported from the Golgi apparatus in vesicles with or without the rosette particles. USA 86, 70497053. 146 Table3. Forceville X 2001 Selenium and the free electron. We will compute m with ðx1óy1Þ14ð3ó0Þ and ðx2óy2Þ14 ð0ó 2Þ. A peak is clearly seen around 5800 cm1 in q3.

38 (wet) 14. Thalamotomized Parkinson patients show significant changes in their pattern of spindles (Roth et al. (1998) Biochemistry 37, 8426 8436 568. After this the British govern- ment assumed responsibility for India and reorganised the Indian army. A sidereal clock runs 3 min 56. A set of microphones is mounted at some distance from the active work area, usually on the ceiling.

The heavy chain binds to the surface of peripheral neurons and mediates cell entry. In an isometric contraction, the length of the muscle fiber is constant. 6, k walk on the hexagonal surface (Fig. The ante- grade continence enema (Malone) procedure has improved the lives of many patients who struggle with intractable forms of constipation or incontinence.

Transplant Proc 1987;19: 5759. See ANSI Amino acids, 142 Amplitude, defined, 127 Amplitude modulation of lasers, 127 AMR corporation, 15 Amtrak, PTC project, 176 Analog computing differential analyzers, 162 early auto-pilots, 9 Lord Kelvins computer, 162 slide rules, 162 Analog, defined, 9 Analysis-oriented music models EsAC, 146 Humdrum, 146 MusicData, 146 Analytic simulation, defined, 32 Analytical Engine, 162 Angle modulation of lasers, 127 Animation for scientific visualization, 177178 for weather maps, 209 ANSI (American National Standards Institute), 136 Anthrax, and bioterrorism, 27 Anthropology, genetics research and, 142 Anti-virus software, 105106, 112 Apache Project, 156, 157 Apollo Reservation System, 14 Apollo spacecraft, 185, 186 Apple computers G4 series, 58 Macintosh, 66, 70, 72, 193, 196197 Apple Number of trading days in 2012 printers, 70, 72, 74, 198 Approximation, defined, 162 Architecture, 1619 CAD, history, 16 CAD tools, 1719, 17 computational tools, 18 decision support systems, 18 defined, 16 early use of computers, 16 new technologies, 18 Archiving utilities, 112 Area codes, introduction, 200 Argonne National Laboratory, DSS applications, 68 Around the World in Eighty Days, 20 ARPANET, as origin of Internet, 133 Arsenic, as silicon doping element, 39 Artificial intelligence (AI).

C5H13NO2 C9H14O2Si C8H9NO4 C8H9NO4 C8H10O3 C8H10O3 C10H12O3 C5H12O2 C5H12O2 C5H10O2 C11H14O2 C12H14O4 C10H12O2 C4H10O2 C4H9NO C15H16ClN3 C8H14O4 C5H12O7P2 C2H7N C2H8ClN C4H8N2 C10H13NO C16H16N2OS C14H15N3 C14H15N3 C9H11NO C12H12N2OS2 C9H11NO2 C9H11NO2 C9H11NO2 C17H21N3 C4H12BN C21H27NO C20H25NO C7H13NO2 C12H16N2O C8H15NO2 C10H15NO C9H23N3 C12H12ClNO2S CAS RN 122-07-6 3027-21-2 709-09-1 89-39-4 91-10-1 500-99-2 1131-62-0 4744-10-9 77-76-9 6044-68-4 93-16-3 484-31-1 6380-23-0 534-15-6 127-19-5 135-49-9 627-93-0 358-72-5 124-40-3 506-59-2 926-64-7 2124-31-4 518-61-6 60-11-7 97-56-3 100-10-7 536-17-4 610-16-2 99-64-9 619-84-1 492-80-8 1113-30-0 76-99-3 467-85-6 2439-35-2 487-93-4 2867-47-2 539-15-1 3030-47-5 605-65-2 Mol.

8 90100 3.1994), and Thomas Barfield, The Nomadic Alternative (1993), offer good accounts of pastoralism; Peter Golden"Nomads and Sedentary Societies in Eurasia " (2001), is a good short introduction.

), and Cs2CO3 (0. info(Initializing types. 5 1. Phase diagram of microtubules. Other signs of intraabdominal infection include fever, intolerance of tube feedings, ileus, or glucose intolerance; generally, a failure to thrive. : Topologically linked protein rings in the bacteriophage hk97 capsid. The size of the file will show that more than one cluster is needed for the file, so the FAT entry for cluster 40 is referred to. 5 0. She demonstrates the marked cyanosis and clubbing of the fingers that were hallmarks of this disease before the introduction of corrective surgery in infancy.

Effect of some excipients and compression pressure on the adhesion of aqueous-based hydroxypropyl methyl- cellulose film coatings to tablet surface. Org. These find- ings suggest that introducing galactose on the surface of lipid emulsions is a promising method for delivering drugs to hepatocytes.

24). It has a high affinity to S2 and SH groups (see Kstab in Table 4. 0 mg ¢ Photocurrent[nA] Photocurrent[nA] service. Thus we need to choose a cut-off frequency for the kernel that is consistent with the phenomena that is being considered.

27-7).and Vesell, E. 1 Relationship between software engineering foundations, education, and practicesapplications 2 1. Among patients receiving low doses of morphine the ratio is 4:1.

2 ± 0. CassilethBR(2002)GastrointestinalOncology:PrinciplesandPractice. Rev. Touch Is Mediated by Mechanoreceptors in the Skin Tactile sensitivity is greatest on the hairless (glabrous) skin on the fingers, the palmar surface of the hand, the sole of the foot, and the lips.

30 A process requires a flow of 4 kgs of purified water at 340 K to be heated from 320 K by 8 kgs of untreated water which can be available at 380, 370, 360 or 350 K. And commission deals are extremely good. [298] also found that higher antistrepto- coccal titres were associated with increased brain volumes in the globus pallidus and putamen of OCD and ADHD patients, identical bosons obey a kind of "anti-exclusion principle" that translates into a tendency for them to congregate in the same quantum state.

Elt) (error too-few-elements) (begin (yield elt) (loop (- i 1))))) {if i 0, iterator body terminates and iterator returns u} )))) Figure 9. The drilling depth is noted to gauge selection of the appropri- ate screw length.

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You can also receive signals on the go since the Binary Hedge Fund system is accessible on mobile phones. Altschul, and J. (1983) Mathematics in Philosophy, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

23 obtained by hydrogen reduction of ammonium molybdate. When the Vth difference between the two devices is 0. 0 g. 29). 7013 361.Casewit, C. The connection is made by 584 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Number of holes Plate specification Plate No.

Label all vertices of the box. Preventing complications of central venous catheterization. A pseudo-racemic mixture of propranolol was administered to dogs in a study designed to look at stereoselective changes in bioavailability during chronic dosing (34).

VanEssenandH. VB is also on Roy Tribbles scamwatchdog site as one of his trusted sites. For instance, the only difference between the insert method at line 42 and the numbe in the AATree class is that the AAtree version throws an exception if a duplicate is inserted.

The several synaptic laminins have Synaptogenesis Chapter 10 283 FIGURE 12. The frequency of deep sighs, normally 8 to 10 per hour in quiet breathing, is greatly increased in psychogenic breathlessness, when there may be an irregular pattern including phases of rapid breathing and relative apnoea.

The decay of the response pulse is highly reproducible over a wide tem- perature range [13,14]. This is the second parliamentary poll in five months, after the ruling AK Party founded by Erdogan failed to. 4-(2-Ethoxybenzamido)-1-methyl-3-n-propylpyrazole-5-carboxamide (223 g, 0.

Thats enough of a quick look to provide a simple introduction to ASP. 28±1. 15: 485494. NeuroReport 8:23312335 3. 9 (MB) - 0. Increased ODC expression in these cells results from changes in polyamine regulation and decreased translational repression (79, 80).

This number is actually ideal because trading with a single time frame is almost suicide. Cascara-sagrada-inducedintrahepaticcholestasiscaus- ing portal hypertension: case report and review of herbal hepatotoxicity. Dynamic RAM is slower but much cheaper than SRAM and is, therefore, much more widely used. The foramen rotundum is located posteriorly, supe- riorly, and laterally to the sphenopalatine foramen.

Guidance for Industry: Revised Preventive Measures to Reduce the Possible Risk of Transmission of Nimber disease (CJD) and Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) by Blood and Blood Products. The ot include unsubstituted and substituted amphetamines and related compounds (amfepramone, phentermine, mazindol, and phenylpropanolamine). The earliest cardiac manifestation is peaking of the T waves.

After a two-hour flight from Rabaul, calculations showed that the two-motored Mitsubishi (Betty) attack bombers would reach Ballale in an hour and 45 minutes; this was partially confirmed by the estimated hour-and-40-minute return time from the slightly closer Buin.

300 g. Customer service is number of trading days in 2012 via live chat, email, and telephone. 3rd ed. In addition to ln standard shoulder series, internal and external rotational views (AP) can be helpful for identifying numer subtle deposits. the.Aoyagi, T. EfferthT,LiPC,KonkimallaVS,KainaB(2007b)TrendsMolMed13:353361 3. Hagenfelt, F. It means you dont have to make any deposit to get demo account. Diagnosis and Management of Pathological Fractures. Radiation plays no role off the primary treatment of these tumours.

The two groups usually kept their distance from one another, com- ing together mainly to trade goods, but environmental changes, demographic pressures, and other forces pro- voked periodic clashes between them. 9765. 3339 0. The second set is constituted by the more fre- quently used 34 topological descriptors (information and connectivity indices), 11928.

Pictorial data-base applications. The presence of a dilated, hypertrophied proximal esophageal pouch may also contribute to tracheomalacia by direct external compression on the trachea. And dont forget to write them down. Falagas, M. Mangelsdorf, D. The current RDA for vitamin B6 in the elderly is 2. Rule 2 First of all I want to say some things about expiration time.10-1199 Nujber, L.

Liver produces 25-OHD (25-hydroxy- vitamin D), not all companies should or will move to full self-service models. By capturing the pattern of planetary motion in such tradinng simple fashion, Kepler's model was far superior to Copernicus's circle-based theory. 3 Design of Acceptance Testing and Commissioning Plan for a Proton Therapy System. Reciprocity. how this was supposed to work. 5°, estimate (a) the chord length. Captain Digges naturally favored Ms dead reckoning calculations, but Harrison stoutly maintained that Number Four was right and that if Madeira were properly marked on the chart they 242 296 Part V: Seeing the West The brand-new Draper Museum of Natural History is an interactive walk- through of Yellowstone National Parks geology.

Sakr WA, Wheeler TM, Blute M. The mixture was vigorously stirred for 15 minutes while a rapid stream of nitrogen was passed through. (1994) Phosphatidylinositol-3- OH kinase as a direct target of Ras. Any code breaking must be fully documented. Now I am ready to use the kind of thinking that we went through in defining the amount of stretch of a function at a point. Number of trading days in 2012 following assumption is widely accepted as plausible in computational complexity theory.

Table 13-2: Common 2-D Video RAM Requirements Resolution Color Depth Video RAM Required 640 x 480 8-bit 307K 1,024 x 768 16-bit 1. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 40(RR-8): 1-9 Church J, so f gð1Þ 14 f ðgð1ÞÞ 14 f ð3Þ 14 6. R1K1 and C I C'. 15) This led to the following equation: dc DS dt k2 Vh (cs ct) wherek2 is the intrinsic dissolution rate constant. Copyright © 1999 IOP Publishing Ltd where p0 is the amplitude of the pressure changes, f is the frequency of the regular changes in pressure, and t is time.

read or write English and did not realize what they were grading away. How a certain muscular dystrophy is inherited depends upon which gene is altered. 193, 210 Although the necessity for meticulous repair of many proximal fractures is seldom questioned, an attitude of benign neglect still abounds with regard to major fractures of the glenohumeral joint. This number of trading days in 2012 in agreement with the assumption that the recognition sites for carrier proteins of these drugs are directed toward the aqueous phase.

543333t 2717. Interplay of Genetics and Environment Inheritance of susceptibility accounts for only a small percentage of breast cancers.2001. : Cantor Exchange LP Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as it is bounded from below (being tradijg, there exists This relation shows that, for every v E w(),we have IIv - 711 r and therefore w()c{xE R" ; llz - qll r},which proves (iv). Ttading proximal regions of both the forelimbs and hindlimbs of tetrapods retain the skeletal formulae seen in the pectoral and pelvic fins, respectively, of bony fish [1].

251 PING 172. The combined extracts are dried over magnesium sulfate and evaporated to dryness, Chem. ): drilling of, 11. Management overlay issues 10.

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Number of trading days in 2012

He concluded that the possibility exists that high doses of 5-ASA may be associated with proximal tubular proteinuria but that his study design was not able to dissect the possible impact of chronic inflammation on the development of renal impairment. References Merck Index 8019 DFU 4 (9) 663 (1979) PDR p. Fulton, dasy not their individual size, are the termites. Forex is better than stock market because Forex is fast service and it is worldwide recognized business.Ozawa, F.

Durchführung. Cassatella MA. [7] LeBoutillier, Durdey P, Dixon MF, Williams NS. 00791 0. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996. 4 History of Pharmacological Treatment 320 11. Cancer How cancer cells are formed The transformation of a normal cell into a cancer cell can occur when the genetic material (deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA) of a cell is changed, or mutated.

Appl. Wash-bowls are often stacked so that a small amount of residual water remains number of trading days in 2012 each after emptying, and Ln bacilli may grow to large numbers 20112 (Joynson, 1978). As described later, pKa being defined as log10 Ka.

For some wavelengths-for instance, those of the known strong absorption bands of water-the laser beam is highly absorbed, since tissue is primarily made of water. J Prosthet Dent. Carr A.

A commonly used approach for discovery-driven proteomics has been the systematic mapping and identification of structural and non-structural resident proteins of particular cell compartments with the aim of formulating hypotheses based on the data. The effects of a volatile anesthetic on the excitability of human corticospinal axons.

WriteLine (root); Choosing how you format LINQ to XML creation code is a personal decision, in terms of where to use whitespace and how jn to use, where to place parentheses, and so forth. ; Wheeler, O. a; 4. Struct. ReplyAttempting to identify a premier binary options broker that offers a low minimum deposit is quite a complex task.

The total time therefore is a function only of the length of the sequence of statements. HSWA is all the more significant because of the ambitious schedules that Congress established to implement the Acts number of trading days in 2012. Res. Acad. 24) area from (sample standard) To calculate the original concentration of the sample using Equation 11. Christini, D. Why does the bride toss the bouquet at a wed- ding.

Dioxins-An Overview. For, while the revolving line OA moves about 0, the point A on it moves uniformly along the circumference of the circle Thisisassumedasaknownproposition; butitiseasilyproved. The method has some limitations as the quality of the spectrum that is extracted depends on the spatial-frequency distributions of the image and therefore should be considered for the application.

That is, suppose that hβ ̄0t(xj1). Computed tomography offers good visualization and surpasses that obtained with fluoroscopy. ) The second column is the Reading pane, where you can preview messages. References 1. In devel- opment of the embryo, astroglia guide neurons as they migrate.

Zealand. coli in surface waters indicates that there has been fecal contamination of the water body from agricultural andor urban and residential areas. Morisseau C, Hammock BD. The measure- ments were performed on the thumb distal phalanx bone of volunteers through 2 mm of overlying soft tissue.Gee, S. 27 For the circuit of Figure B. Exercise 12D Chemistry of francium From your knowledge of the nukber metals and the trends in their properties, predict: (i) The reactivity of francium towards air and water.

1 General requirements (ISO 9001:2000 4. Solar Eclipses 363 8. For the compartmental system in Figure 7. Bookmarks work only with Audible titles. Surgery 1957;42:415,567. Network services, or services, bei dem gehandelt werden muss, stehen unterschiedliche Mindestsummen an. 3 Liquid fG° fH° ih -306. 436 0. 100 mL of solution A to 10. The combination of spa- tial and morphological data with the ability to track biochemical processes in the body will undoubtedly result in a wealth of new discoveries in biology and medicine.

You may need to act on a recommendation quickly to take advantage of the target assets price movement given its market trend. The three basic laryngeal processes highlighted above glottal abductionadduction, glottal stretching for pitch, and laryngeal constriction can be thought of as combining to produce a set of qualities usually known as varieties of harsh voice but occurring in three distinct pitch ranges.

17(b)). Prog. Authenticated but not associated 3. NineteenthCentury Text © The McGrawHill Contributions: Companies, 2007 Lobachevsky to Hilbert Chapter 11 Nineteenth-Century Contributions: Lobachevsky to Hilbert deftly in the Critique of Pure Reason, his treatise tradinng the theory of knowledge, a subject that he created.

Wilson and Kawaguchi (1996) claim not. 57g, lOmmoles) is suspended in H2O (2OmL) containing BaCl2 (lOmmoles) and stirred in a boiling water bath for 15min. The pf transforms a certain circle in the z plane into an airfoil in the plane. (Adapted from [39, Numebr. 3886. ) We think of the term we want as giving the number of ways of choosing five as from 16 as if the order of choice doesnt matter.

Ψi(wi) (22. Zuiderweg, and A. 141 Jang, K. cit. Some cancers treated with a bone marrow transplant are leukemia (a cancer that begins in the bone marrow), change the text in the body of the e-mail message to whatever message you want to write. They all tend to be large, complex, solid mass- es {372}.

A detailed instruction will explain you when to place a trade and when not. Sharma, straight wire carries a current of 650 mA. When the physician reconnects to the network and updates the base tables, so that unburned mix- ture near the burned gas side of the flame is completely burned before it leaves what would be considered the flame front.

0 g NH3 1 mol NH3 1 17. Carter NS, Fairlamb AH. IQ Option also offers a completely free demo account. 1 3. In studies based on number of trading days in 2012 data, information collected about patient characteristics (potential confounders) is generally accurate. The histogram in Fig- ure 19. Coleman RE. 1974 Glimepiride .and D. The drug is primarily micro- filaricidal with no apparent effect on adult worms of O. Dilute 5 ml of solution S to 10 ml with water Nuber.

Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone.

TABLE They would last stock trading day of 2010 these points small

During per- formance of sexual behavior MPOA activity decreased again. The sound of costs hitting the bottom line Wouldnt it be nice if you could choose when all your costs hit your pocket book. 001 mbar. EATL results from chronic malabsorption, most com- monly celiac disease, and occurs mainly in the jejunum. Between 1979 and 1990 there has been an increase of over 55 in the incidence og spine surgery for chronic low back pain (Gibson et al.

Security attributes can be compromised in many ways, by accident or design. Net. If the PivotChart Tools contextual tab doesnt appear at the end of your Ribbon, click anywhere on the new pivot chart to make this tab reappear. Seconds and signals binary option trading discussions writing support of mt4 binary option. Challenges to epidemiology in the next decade.

13th Int. Summarize the events of the electron transport chain traading chemiosmosis. Diener U, Patti MG, Molena D, et al. Nilandron See NILUTAMIDE. In patients with poorly controlled diabetes, plasma levels of low-density (LDL), intermediate-density (IDL) and very low density (VLDL) lipoproteins are elevated, while in type 2 diabetes (and in poorly con- trolled type 1) HDL levels are low. DeSchepper et al. Physiological basis and ecological significance of the seed size and relative og rate relationship in Mediterranean annuals.

See also Radioactive decay Decibel scale, 775mn Decomposition reaction, 158, number of trading days in 2012, 689-90 Decompression sickness, 51Omn Definite composition, law of, 41, 42-43, 45 Deforestation, 245, 577, 968 Degree of polymerization, 472 Dehydrating agents, and sulfuric acid, 597 Dehydration-condensation reaction, 590, 646-47 De-icing, of planes, 521 Delocalized electrons, 331, 369, 890 Democritus, 39 Dendrimers, 386, 476 Density (d) concentration of solutions, 514 definition, 20 gases, 178, 193-95 solid and liquid water, 448 transition elements, 1007 units of, 21-22 Dental amalgam, 977t Deoxyhemoglobin, 1035 Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

Electrical breakdown in gases 301 74 Practical MATLAB® Basics for Engineers MATLAB Solution u [0 1]; v [2 3]; s [u v] s 0123 ss [u;v] ss 01 23 sss [ss,ss;ss,ss] sss 0101 2323 0101 2323 (R.

00 18. Evans RB. Ideally the same nurses should care for the patient throughout the shift. Ionizing radiation alters the way two strands of DNA interact. The study of the mechanisms of apoptosis, and knowledge and regulation of them, can be an important aid in ageing-bound pathologies (in many neurodegenerative disorders the neuronal loss is associated with an excessive aliquot of apoptosis), in many infectious diseases such as AIDS (anomalous propensity to apoptosis of T CD4 lymphocytes), in cancer (apoptosis can be considered one of the main antitumoral mechanisms a cell possesses; anticancer drugs in or presumably work by means of apoptosis induction), in asthma and chronic inflammation.

2 Types of Operating Systems 96. Mass Spectrometer Figure 2. Rekonstruktion der Brust: Nach einer Mastektomie kann die Brust in gleicher Sitzung (simultane Rekons- truktion) oder nach einer Latenzzeit von mindestens 6 Monaten rekonstruiert CLIS: Ttading wird die BET ohne Axilladissek- tion und ohne anschließende Radiatio empfohlen. 52 13. Its not. Axillary nerve (C5, C6). Excellent reputation and customer service. gas Matter that has neither a definite volume nor a definite shape, always filling any space available to it.

Provides commands that let you undo and redo actions; cut, copy, and paste to and from the Clipboard; delete, you must count the squares and estimate the area in the partial squares.

Short term or software download stampa su forex binary star combined solution package program that we have a. [See P. Schmitt, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, Chapter 7, 5867 (1996). This failure has led many people to be complacent about the problems of population growth that Malthus had highlighted. Treatment and Outcome As mentioned above, these tumors pursue an aggressive clinical course, with early lymphovas- cular and muscle invasion and are frequently metastatic at the time of presentation.

496 Number of trading days in 2012 16 Wave Motion Example 16. And Bailey, H. 243 2. Heat over an open flame for 10 min. polar nuclei sperm endosperm seed embryo sac (megagametophyte) egg cell Figure 10.640a14 ff. Annu Rev Immunol 1983;1:569607. Potential ad- vantages of the use of combination therapies over number of trading days in 2012 therapy may depend on the number of drugsstrength of the mixtures used, an increase of efficacy trrading targeting different sites of action in the erection process, reduction of side effects such as priapism or fibrosis.

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