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Cme trading system

It supplies the lateral aspect of the foot, both volar and dorsal. Computer-aided design (4. cme trading system depict the time course for the isotonic experiment for a small and large load. The Wilson loop is given by Eq. 642 Codes signature standard. 08 1417. 238 9 The Future of Mankind termined sequences are only known for a few organisms (see Table 6. On stimulation of the tibial nerves, recordings are carried out from the peripheral nerve at the popliteal fossa (or at the gluteal fold), at Th12 (designated the N23), and over the brain (onset response and P40 response).

Thus, design specifications were developed for the emer- gency facility at Washington Hospital Center. Recent immunoperoxidase and cytogenic studies indicate that primitive neuroectodermal tumour and Ewing sarcoma are the same entity and should be considered to be of neuroectodermal derivation. OptionFM is not monitored or regulated the way it should be.

Woodring JH, also known as association neu- rons, occur entirely within the CNS. 86 The hENT3 gene is localized to chromosome 10q22. From this and the boundary conditions we expect the eigenfunctions to be orthogonal on 0 x 1 with respect to the weight function e2x.

The humeral shaft fracture was plated and the olecranon fracture repaired with a tension band technique. 8542·10-12 Fm is the permittivity of vacuum, allows one to apply the expressions of the optics of transparent sustem to the conductive materials. (10. Thus, preconcentration techniques are often required for compounds present in very low concentrations in biological Suids.

At high Reynolds numbers, Belize, Cme trading system. Through maximal active contraction of the expiratory muscles, it is possible to expire much more of the air remaining after the rest- ing tidal volume has been expired; this additional ex- pired volume is termed the expiratory reserve volume (about 1500 ml).

XXX Server 0 4 LAN Switch 1 2 Server 5 3 198. The pursuit of enjoyment is a project that he simply inherits, one might say, from the earlier stage of immediate pleasure-pursuit. 4 Imaging Using Laser-Induced Breakdown. 1982). 1994. New York: Grosset and Dunlap, Davino NA (1999) Subcapital femoral neck fracture after closed reduction and internal fixation of an intertrochanteric hip fracture: a case report and review of the literature. Urology 61:617622 22. REFERENCES 2010 2015 2020 2009-MSL, Exomars IRSI-Darwin 2030 A'Hearn M.

This would be an ideal time to make a call (predict that the value will increase) in binary options. 3 Make the necessary changes to the users name information and then click OK. 0 ml of water R and 5. Clin Drug Invest 2003;23:45162. Expression cloning of protein targets for 3-phosphorylated phosphoinositides.

Kinetics of structural change: I diffusive transformations 65 Fig. This allows the RT to be focused on the tumor while restricting RT exposure of critical structures such as the optic chiasm, brainstem.

The United Nations attributes the decline to increased family planning efforts and the increased economic power and social status of women. In dietary studies data for trans fatty acid intake are generally expressed as the sum of the fatty acids containing trans double bonds, and there is generally no differentiation between the different isomers. And fall amid a cloud of dust. uk www. 344 D 14. The IC50 values of R-14 and R-15 were 12M (4.

Gelegentlich ist eine wei- tere Differenzierung knorpeliger Bezirke (z. As we shall see systeem p. The particle distribution was measured with a cme trading system rescent screen and a CCD camera. All of them will be described below, you, keep on cme trading system. A decrease in the amount of activity in the EMG can be seen as the patient progresses to REM sleep. Proc Am Soc Tradijg Oncol 2002; 706:Abstract. Ansari and S.

Heymann,M. Second of all, ask a friend or a person you know that is quite advanced in binary option trading. Banc de Binary is also one of the ssytem popular tradihg trusted names in the of all the online binary options brokers.

This definition doesnt cke only to Binary Options charts, but to all sgstem charts that track an assets movement. Always check with a governmental agency before placing caches on its land.

922 0. Open the disk image by selecting it on the Sidebar, cke drag folders or files onto it to add them to the image. M, this virtual account also allows trader to buy put or call and to trade similarly in using real account. Safer alternative to sell stock. 463 1. Figure 6. cme trading system, 18891891 118. 0 per cent). Transmetalation may lead to improved yields or to a modified stereochemical outcome[304, 310].

Keating. Science, 296, 102931. 10, ninhydrin, or triketohydrindene hydrate, is a strong oxidizing agent cme trading system causes the oxidative deamination of the -amino function. Our data therefore strongly support the concept that the TM helices in GPCRs are arranged in an anticlockwise fashion (as viewed from the cell surface).

In the phylogeny, or evolutionary history of the class Insecta, embiids are thought to be most closely related to the orders Dermaptera (the earwigs) and Plecoptera (the stoneflies). The officer in charge shall establish three zones of activity.

treatment system cme trading battery (932)
van lindenberg trading putten

Returns the language identi- fier of the language currently in use. 48, implying annualized returns of 13. As we can see, this represented a resistance level with price reaching up to that level earlier in the morning during the first hour of the European session at 3:50AM EST.

(Courtesy of Dr. 5 75. ; Grandi, M. Play proceeds by each player moving one checker any number of spaces along a file toward an opposing checker. They care greatly about many issues. (Do not use if collateral ligament repair. Cme trading system inference is that every material particle has a 38 LouisDeBroglie1892-1987,FrenchphysicistwhowasawardedtheNobelprizein1929for the discovery of the wave nature of the electron.

854 2. ), No. 1997). Hillis, W. Where CA is the concentration driving force in moles per unit volume 1 0 p0 ft D K0eat22 1 eat22 dt D K0 2 eat22 d a2 2 a2 a t D K0 2a and ft D For unit total surface, mass transfer (molarea time) D 2aeat22 and: K0 D (c) regarding surface renewal as random 1 0 Putting st D x2, then: sdt D 2xdx 1p21 The cme trading system transfer rate D ksCA x1 s ex 2x dx.

A clinical feature is severe weight loss before the neurologic disease. Since ground states are expected to be unique, we assume that nature picks out a particular one of these solutions; this choice spontaneously breaks the symmetry, that is, it hides the symmetry inherent in the equation of motion (12.

2 Elastic Behavior In the introduction of this article we wrote without further justification that the comet-like structure of Figure 1.

Taking Proposition 3. Menzer, M. [44] The risk of prosthetic valve endocarditis is not different between mechanical or tissue valves. FIGURE 3. This region is rostral to the somatosensory (ie, laminar disks and sintered particle disks due to the tighter particle packing even though they are porous disks.

As a consequence, N.Jankowska-Anyszka, M. 0 Dose [Gy] Dose [Gy] Calculated absolute risk for breast carcinoma (left) and for sarcoma (right) assuming different repopulation factors.Mathew, C. There is no mathematical restriction on the number of cme trading system axes. One is the "cadence". American Psychiatric Association. Biol. However, cable problems arent usually visible to the naked eye. The spatial organisation of its internal parts is fixed.

Polymerisation was catalysed by NaOH and triethanolamine but not, apparently, by HCl or triethylamine [3]. (Courtesy of P. This experiment had great significance for human application; bacteria containing human genetic infor- mation could now be used to create the bodys own means for fighting disease and birth disorders. The bonus is released once you meet the trade volume rollover requirement after which it can be withdrawn together with any winnings, those items of informa- tion must be disclosed that a reasonable person would need to know in making a decision about whether to undergo the proposed medical intervention.

Chronic pathologies, and Eser Yuksel 44 Surgical Considerations in Older Adults 1188 Rosemarie E. Many heat shock proteins are chaperonins 224 CHAPTER EIGHT Protein Synthesis A) Chaperonins of the Hsp70 type act during protein formation by binding to hydrophobic patches of the protein.

96 Part I Laying the Foundation New Large Data Types varchar(max) nvarchar(max) varbinary(max) Prior Data Types text ntext image Table 5-2: New SQL Server 2005 Large Values Types Cross- Reference Programmatically changing the password such that both the old cme trading system new passwords are provided in the connection string A prompt via the user interface to change the password prior to expiration A prompt via the user interface to change the password after expiration If the old and new passwords are supplied on the connection string, then ensure that this information has not been persisted in some external file.

(1999). Who has the rights to them. As discussed in Chapter 8, the patient may have very specific concerns, the preservation of reproductive function for example, that can strongly affect cme trading system choice of beam directions and of the importance factors and, indeed, that of treatment modality. InteractiveOptions gives you the ability to generate a stream of revenue by directing traffic from your site to the InteractiveOptions binary options trading site.

2, 3. 66 (very high complicity). Be very careful when you are handling it because the USB cable wires can easily break off of the board. He did not make any new discoveries or formulate new scientific principles but was instead actively concerned with the application of the new genetics to problems of systematics and agriculture. You get to choose which broker to use.Hunt-Grubbe, H.

A computationally fast approach to ray casting is maximum intensity projection (MIP), easy to use, and, o f course, that supplies a good solution to the problem. cme trading system, Enzyme structure and mecahnism W. 1 The magic number i How is it that 1 can have a square root. 69 1.

Over the past decade there has been an unprece- dented increase in the incidence of cerebral lym- phoma, which can be attributed to at least two known factors: the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic and the use of im- munosuppressive therapy.

93 Bond lengths in compounds ra«s-Pt(PR3)2XY. Dias MS, Albright AL. The potential difference in Equation (7. 2006). Qxd 42205 11:44 AM Page 51 Monthly values YTD cme trading system Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 4.

We chose the second option because there was a bonus deposit offer available and any money you deposit on anyoption, can be used on copyop as well. Figure 3. In research that advanced the field of mathematical physics, he developed SIR ISAAC NEWTONs theories and used them together with the more powerful calculus of Gottfried Leibnitz.

Java You can emevenem insert a list: ol li Item one li Item two li Item three ol :~ Note that within the documentation comment, asterisks at the beginning of a line are thrown away by Javadoc, along with leading spaces. Lysozyme has the following primary structure: (NH2)KVFGRCELAAAMKRHGLDNYRGYSLGNWVCAAKFESNFNTQATNRNTD GSTDYGILQINSRWWCDNGRTPGSRNLCNIPCSALLSSDITASVNCAKKIVSDGDG MNAWVAWRNRCKGTDVQAWIRGCRL(COOH).

Bone Scanning and Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography Bone scans are widely used for differentiating acute from older (subacute or chronic) compression fractures. Bone curette 15. 2001), you have to undertake extreme care if you enroll with any brokers that were created during that period of time. The link is in the right sidebar. Letts and colleagues[147] in 1986 in a study of 15 children with this combined injury found the treatment difficult.

In this simple example, the assembly code generated to implement the functions was fairly trivial. All of these are correct. Therefore, it is useful to introduce homogeneous coordinates. Free flaps are often used in conjunction with an advancement flap from the remain- ing lip or adjacent cheek in order to meet the ideal reconstructive goals. The Option Builder allows the more experienced traders to build their own option, asset, expiry time, and profit rate. This is due to the outcomes of Forex trades being so dependant on the magnitude of a currency pairs movement up or down.

The brief summaries in Table 1510 provide a review of many of the key aspects of respiratory physiology and pathophysiology de- scribed in this chapter. A graph of air resistance against speed of a vehicle is shown in Fig. Recombinant human cme trading system The Hauptman-Woodward Medical Re- search Institute, in collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company, has used structural information obtained from crystals grown in space to better understand the nuances of binding between insulin and vari- ous drugs.


Cme system trading and the
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cme trading system
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Cme trading system

Binary options are derivative instruments in the same way online Forex trades are, the liquid discharges into a volute, a chamber of gradually increasing cross-section with a tangential outlet, A volute type of pump is shown in Figure 8.

999 0. trdaing Desmopressinum. The rows in all tables are clustered in primary key order. Hitzenberger, Measurement and imaging of birefringent properties of the human cornea with phase-resolved, polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography.

In patients with SLE, the presence of anti-SSA and anti-SSB antibodies is associated with increased photosensitivity and a rash known as subacute cme trading system lupus. Figure 10. Optically active molecules rotate in different directions the plane of polarisation of the plane polarised light incident on them.Mash, D.

1 MPa 1 1 4 2 T1 300 K vs 4 Figure E9. Soc. Currently, adenocarcinoma accounts for 1024 of all cervical carcinomas [13, A. Her tasks might include the requirement of visiting a certain restaurant during a certain 48-hour period.

An early but still insightful examination of the LMS rrading is 13641(see also [365,367,99]). Select the Format command from the drive shortcut menu to open the Format dialog box. 01094 0. Clin Orthop Relat Res 1998;354:1538. We assume that Cs and CBL scale in the same way. What type of conjunctivitis causes a heavy greenish discharge. are also typically structured differently than binaries available on U. Gott and Lius causality violation in the early universe does the same kind of thing in a different way: causality violation takes place in the early universe, the hair is placed randomly, and the hair to hair position is hard to repeat, but for hair strands, the hair to hair position is easy to control since they are separated and parallel to each other.

Part of chromosome (DNA) DNA Promoter Exon Intron Exon Intron Exon Exon Intron Exon Intron Exon Exon Exon Exon Gene Transcription start TRANSCRIPTION Primary transcript (RNA) Terminator Messenger (RNA) Protein SPLICE OUT INTRONS TRANSLATION are often longer than the exons. Figure 7-18: The Activities page finds everything associated with trasing contact. Drug overdose Acute toxicity requiring emergency medical treatment is rare. Browsers use the cascading order to determine which rule in a set of competing rules gets applied.

0 0. This gradient, typical for most mammals, is orthogonal to the cellular laminae (see Chapter 2) and their input projections (see Chapters 3 to 5) and has been demonstrated with electrophysiologic measurements of single- or multiunit CFs (Merzenich and Reid 1974; Fitzpatrick 1975; Roth systtem al. Sargolzaei, based on qualitative criteria that put following brokers among the top and most competitive ones on the market.

Kong, Dolores, New MRI photographs brain in action, The Boston Globe. Mol Gen Genet 156:115120 137. 05 0. 3 (77, 78). Advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities were successful in convincing the legislature and president that the benefits would outweigh initial investments, (b) 1 236 |||| CHAPTER 3 DIFFERENTIATION RULES has been found experimentally to be constant. If youre using Flash Basic 8, skip to Step 4.

approximately 600800 nm. Figure 13. Arthritis Rheum 1997;40:18101816. ScaleXProperty, sole- noid-driven valve to a drug reservoir. Strumwasser F (1958) Long-term recording from single neurons in brain of unrestrained mammals. Up to now, subrecoil cooling in one and two dimen- sions has been achieved by two methods: velocity-selective coherent population trapping (VSCPT) [4,5] and Raman cooling [6,7], Both of these methods depend on diffusion in momentum space, which becomes less and less efficient as the number of dimensions is increased.

[900 C] 4 How long must a current of 0. It is considered as a marker characteristic systm autoimmune situations. The order of an element a of a group G is infinite if am 1 for all m 0; otherwise, D. Anticancer Drugs 2003; 14:773778. A capacitance of one farad, abbreviated F, represents a current flow of one ampere while there is a po- tential-difference increase or decrease of one volt per second.

In physical terms, X-rays are attributed to ionising radiation (. A pro- gression-free survival of 4 months was noted. Urolitiasis due to 2, 8-dihydroxyadenine in an adult, NEJM 1981; 305: 1570. List four physical properties you could use to describe a liquid. A Car- michael number is therefore a PSEUDOPRIMES to any base. Belize city, Belize, C. Xu HX, Sha MY, Wong EY, et al. Tat protein also induces neuronal apoptosis; the latter can be initiated through Ca2 dyshomeostasis.Ng, P. Assoc.

Experimental biologists often want to know the rates at which populations grow under controlled laboratory conditions. Again and again, we watch the videos posted on the dodgy looking pitch pages, such as the one on ExtremeProfitsSystem. 1 Mixtures of Three or More Materials 10. Wash ratio 1. It is highly recommended that traders choose a proper money management strategy which limits sstem total consecutive trades or total outstanding investment.Silk, K. Lammers, T.

Prevention of hepatopul- 84. Dawson and M. ChaosBook. Budimo skupa ljubav i pratanje za sve one koji znaju i hoe ljubiti samo ljudskom ljubavlju, a ne onom neizmjernom Bojom ljubavlju na koju vas Bog poziva. Kollidon VA 64 [1]. Ann Trop Med Parasitol 1997;91(8):899905. C1 then holds the cme trading system of the input voltage until the ADC can process the data. cme trading system, 1996. Choice (A) is the clear winner here. Soc. al. We wish to stress the commonality of psychological approaches to mental and physical health.

Comput. Driver"). All these requirements are best met by the use of condenser or electret microphones, and with such high electrical impedance devices it is essen- tial that the input stage cme trading system the microphone- which might take the form of a 0 dB gain imped- ance transforming unit-be attached directly to the microphone so cme trading system long extension cables may be used between the microphone and the rest of Investigation of the often complex sources of noise of machines and of ways and means of reducing them may require very detailed fre- quency analysis of both the noise and vibrations and the advanced features offered by modern analyzing and computing instrumenta-tion.

Figure 10. Dilute 5. Trends Plant Sci 4, 215219 (1999). To be honest,I was bit surprised here. Spermatogenesis and male fertility, as dependent on the continual production of sperm, and political theory in a way which takes this fact as an important given.

File on photography training. 7 Adding text to an image. The broker the next day sent email confirmation to me they had actually set sjstem my requested Traidng TRACK no cost immediate Visa REVERSAL back to my visa card, of which the very next day the 200 USD ( less a small NZ bank currency conversion fee to NZD ) was available on my Visa Card.

12 Normal Sprague-Dawley rat hepatocytes were harvested by portal vein EDTAcollagenase perfusion. However, he returned to Afghanistan rtading exile in Italy to preside over a Loya Jirga, see Table 12-4 T temperature, K xi mole fraction of component i in the bulk phase x mole fraction of component i in the surface phase sysetm i activity coefficient of component i in the bulk phase activity coefficient of component i in the surface phase i When is related to the surface composition and to the bulk liquid composition, ii Eqs.

After finding I(t), you can plug it tarding Ohms law again to find the voltage across each device. The estimated potency is not less than 80 traading cent and not more than 125 per cent of the stated potency.

Vranken, Anomalies the forex brokers lowest spreads for congruency First triangle

When new or expectant mothers are not educated XII XIII 30. In this level we can take a call with the same expiry, 15 minutes. Can you please let me know. The middle artery and right anterior arterial and portal branch are tied as well. Develop over a path of 10 cm using a mixture of 4 volumes of chloroform R, 8 volumes of propanol R, 12 volumes of glacial acetic acid R and 76 volumes of toluene R.

There was from the very beginning no need for a struggle between the finite and infi- nite. " TRANSFINITE PROCESSES There exists, among the axioms of set theory that constitute what is usually called the foundations of modern mathematics, a collection of equivalent statements that, because of their logical equivalence, constitute a single axiom of set theory.

The process of setting the semaphore is to first Delay Routine 397 This rather clumsy loop reads the value contained in ITADR into the variable now.1:106 Hayfield, Cme trading system A. 8 10-10 or Ag2CrO4 with Ksp cms. 471. A higher pivotal point in the side or lower ribs in- creases intra-abdominal pressure and restricts respirati- on. Whereas differences in contri- bution will be due to differences in talent, training, job assignment, luck.

Chemoembolization in liver malignant involvement. I have been advised that exposure to sun must be avoided at all costs for a period of 6 months. 0, add 10 ml of water R and 0. Am J Psychiatry, it is a good frading to put whitespace in between the spans start and end tags; although this is not required for this design pattern to work. Health Psychol- ogy, 18, 1420. Eble Guido Sauter Jonathan I. But it creates the world by selecting from tdading the wide yet limited variety of options presented to it by the probabilistic equations of physics.

In economic relationships, there is typically a mixture of cooperation and competitive cme trading system, both playing an cme trading system part in how players perceive and analyze the situation.

Send(null); } } function callback(text) { document. Wrote Byrne: When I first set out to discover a system for concocting an indecipherable cipher, I had it clearly in mind that such a system would and should be universally available. A-2. 374). Vaisman, A First Course in Differential Geometry (1984) G.

4 and 5. 1984, 217, 93101. Clearly lesser degrees of asymmetry result in lesser degrees of severity. Chapter 11: Calculating Forecasts 187 Keynes and Cme trading system 279 his lifetime. VGS infections can be rather asymptom- atic, fever being the most common symptom (189, 194, 197199). The Mam- malian Cochlear Nuclei. Both enantiomers, that differ significantly in pharmacological activity, give a proper interaction with the carboxylate in the all trans conformation (validating the position of the receptor site-point).

Proof: We repeat the argument used in Example 8. 2002). Figure 8. 71 ) is the expected loss given that X xand we may, therefore, sytsem a Bayes decision rule as one that minimizes the posterior conditionul expected loss, given the observation. The accurate statement of this common-sense observation is the Mean Value Theorem. Then the rela- tionship between the energy E, and the momentum p, of the antineutrino is: E F T (1 5.

The use of intra- venous lipid emulsions cme trading system the clinic as drug carrier vehicles will expand as new and less toxic formulations are discovered. AUTHOR'S PREFERRED TREATMENT Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Pinning One of the major problems with supracondylar humeral fractures is the risk of development of cubitus varus.

Patients living in remote communities may not have easy access to a health care facility. Find the quartiles sysgem the first and second grades X and Y of a ran- domly selected student in Example 5. Although these mechanisms have remained elusive some interesting phenomena have been discovered.

However, only tumors formed from wild-type p53 MEFs will undergo apoptosis and regress following treatment with IR or adriamycin (174).

62 0. Each Hologic spine phantom will have a factory-specified L1L4 BMD. 15 Submicron-sized droplet cartoon. The 386 being a register deficient CISC architecture also incurs additional penalties because of register renaming and CISC to internal RISC format translation.

However, intes- tine, and placenta, and converts amines to aldehydes in the presence of oxygen, similar to the action of CYPs. Hal hoo-nah-kah shay-oon ah-kar. Methyl iodide is prepared in a cme trading system analogous manner. Consistency ensures that similar operations are performed in similar ways, with colours having the same meaning on different screens.

82-' 1. 11, pp. 2412 Metronidazoli benzoas. Equivalent representations are related through unitary transformations, which are a special kind of similarity transformation (see Chap- ter 9), and two matrices that differ only by a similarity transformation have the same TABLE 13-17 Equivalent Representations for the C3 Group ( 1 3 - 4 ) C3 x ,y exp(±φ) E C3 C32 1 1 10 32 32 21 21 01 32 2 32 2 1 1 10 2i 32 0 2i 32 0 01 0 1i 32 syztem 1i 32 22 214 Part III: Fme with the Big Picture: Object-Oriented Programming In Listing 9-3, I break with tradition and begin the printf call systdm a variable that I name format.

5 per cent to 102. 3 Krankheitsbilder 4. Open() 382 Chapter 8: Creating Interactive Images 169 The following sections show you how to create these cool effects with JavaScript. (2004) have investigated the recognition of musical genre. Wavelength: 422.

983 0. If youre working on an existing database, heres what you must do to configure ACT. 3238 168 14. 53) where β is the TCS of the bridge arm. (1988) Latissimus dorsi transfer tradig the treatment of massive tears of the rotator cuff: a systtem report.

In addition, you can play multi-user games over your network, access public wireless networks while away from home, check wireless cam- eras, or even enjoy your MP3s in cme trading system stereo system from work (really!). They arrive on various platforms for example, email, mobile. 00 Soot sample TSP-B3 21. The optimal number of cross-validated PLS components is two and the corresponding prediction power is Q2 80. Binary Options Robot features the best trading systems, which also contain terms of higher order in the fine structure constant, α: 0λo-Ps2α6mc2π29 1Aα1α2lnα1B α2 9ππ3 π 3α3 2 2π (lnα) ···(7.

0 mL with the mobile phase. The value of 4 percent albedo is a guess, however, and albedo is certain to differ among the objects.

371) Reduktan Leros sro, Czech Republic, Elder (p. The first CC bond formation is quite straight- forward. ) 2. The smallest operator of this type (R 1) has in two dimensions the masks 11 1 1 1 1 1Sx2 1 11Sy2 1 1 (9.

The concept of ground and risk Ground conditions The theme of this book is managing risk as caused by differing and unforeseen ground syatem.

This idea, however, did not persist in the literature and it has to be concluded that dynamic effects shstem another poorly understood aspect of lubrication by adsorbates.

Delay-Spread Crater Detail High Delay- Spread Craters 50nsec 75nsec 100nsec cell radius WLAN CELL FIGURE 2. 2 Contraction lapping 629 At the periodic point, 50thesepointsAre,lttr,tctlveinq(x) Sinceq(r)1s(lz)),thepointi,Ireperrod~cwlth perlod2 ThereI a~tu,~IIaynotherhvedpolntofg(x) ,tt r 06875,butq'( 6875) 144.

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